We offer progressive packaging solutions to companies and small businesses across the numerous industries that make Canada a world leading producer.

At Rite-Way agriculture is in our roots. Our filling and handling equipment division compliments our range of packaging solutions for the grain, feed, seed and fertilizer sectors. We understand the challenges within this industry and the need for reliable packaging solutions to perform in the harsh Canadian environment at a price that meets your budget. We offer a range of industrial and flexible bags with various options to optimize your production and handling processes while protecting your products and enhancing your brand. We are also proud, long-standing members and supporters of the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada.

Whether you are packaging cement, aggregates, soils or premixes or require building membranes, geotextiles or temporary flooring protection, we can provide you with customizable, reliable and affordable solutions to distribute your products or to complete your projects efficiently. Our range of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs or Tote bags) offer a lightweight and affordable solution for all types of construction waste including slurries and hazardous materials. We offer customizable and affordable products to support this dynamic industry. Contact us today to tell us about your project.

Rite-Way’s warehouse is conveniently located for the storage and distribution of packaging materials to the oil and gas sector. We are passionate about sustainability and for that reason we provide safe and reliable packaging to our customers handling chemicals and dangerous goods. Our bags can be supplied with industry-leading composite materials for moisture and vapour barrier protection, intelligent features such as polylock valves and easy open tear strips, as well as production optimization features for high flow filling, sealing and palletization. We also provide UN certified products to ensure that our customers comply with DOT regulations.

We source our packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry from certified food grade manufacturers across the globe and stock various products throughout the year to serve this industry. From large FIBC (tote) bags to industrial paper sacks, small pouches, plastic films and more; we have the necessary products to get your goods to the marketplace, and we are always ready to assist our clients with custom or unique packaging designs and quipment.

We source our packaging solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry from certified manufacturers across the globe. We offer high performance films, heavy-duty plastic bags and plastic lined bags and pouches with various options for sealing, printing and reclosing.

The burgeoning demand for high quality, “gourmet” pet food, snacks and treats continues to be met by existing and new domestic producers in this industry. Our extensive experience in the animal nutrition industry provides valuable insight for selecting the best type of packaging and equipment. Packaging with excellent moisture barrier performance as well as high quality graphics are raising the standards and catching the attention of end-users as well as retailers. We are also proud, long-standing members and supporters of the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada.