Equipment Selection & System Optimization

Achieving your optimum productivity and efficiency requires the right balance of equipment, automation and manpower as well as capital and operational expenditure. Rite-Way Packaging is well positioned to assist you with your packaging line selection, procurement, installation, upgrading and maintenance projects. We have extensive experience with the design and procurement of filling and handling systems for a wide array of products including aggregates, animal feed, grains, spices, confectionary, water, beer, wine and dry chemicals. Whether you’re upgrading an existing packaging system or installing a new one, Rite-Way Packaging can offer a range of quality equipment to suit your budget backed by sound advice and a proven track record. Download our Equipment Selection Form or contact us to learn more.

Custom Packaging Design and Fabrication

Creating Custom Packaging for our clients is the heart of our business. We love working on new designs and can take your packaging concept from inception to delivery. We can advise on packaging specifications and guide new producers through the world of custom packaging design and production, or we can simply offer clients a fresh alternative to their previous suppliers. We pride ourselves on going that step further for our clients to provide low minimum quantities, a wide range of price and construction options, expedited delivery and low-cost graphic design services. You can download our Bag Specification Form or contact us to learn more.

Warehousing and Distribution

Rite-Way’s warehouse contains our stock inventory of packaging materials, equipment and parts as well as many of our client’s materials. This allows our client’s to take advantage of quantity discounts on custom packaging when they don’t have sufficient warehouse capacity to receive all of the product at once, or to order large volumes of overseas product with longer lead times which can be delivered to various locations, or stored until it is required.

Our logistics coordinator is ready to ship products and parts within the same day as our client’s requests are received. We manage our own import and export freight and always seek to provide efficient and cost-effective service.

Inventory Management

We assist many of our clients by managing their inventory of packaging materials. Balancing your inventory, warehouse capacity and production rates requires proper analysis, measurement and tracking. Supplies chains can be complex and lead times may be affected by several uncontrollable factors. Rite-Way can manage your inventory and provide support to minimize supply chain risks.

Project Management

Society relies on today’s producers to move their products to market at a given rate, to meet production targets, and to convey their products efficiently and sustainably. Industrial and commercial packaging equipment and materials are vital essentials and important tools in the production sequence; and therefore, we rely on proven project management tools and philosophy in order to deliver the packaging essentials required on time and budget.