A list of our General Terms and Conditions.


Net 30 Days upon credit approval.


Prices will be those in effect at the time of shipment and subject to change without notice.


Federal and Provincial sales and other taxes extra if applicable.


Neither the seller nor the buyer will be liable for any inability to support or to take delivery of products due to strikes, accidents or other causes beyond the reasonable control of either party.


Seller reserves the right to supply products from the plant of choice.


No change in specification may be made to any order or order item in process of manufacturing.


In the event of cancellation in any order or order item in process of manufacture, the buyer will be charged the full price for all items completed and/or in process of completion. Materials so consumed will be held for thirty days following cancellation for buyer’s disposal instructions.


Seller guarantees products will be manufactured to buyers specifications within accepted industry standards.


Orders for products from inventory will be considered completed when exact quantities ordered have been shipped. Orders for custom manufactured products will be considered completed when quantities shipped are within plus or minus twenty (20) percent of the quantity ordered.


In case of claims of any nature in respect of any product shipped by seller, buyer shall notify seller in writing giving full particulars (forwarding a sample where practical) within fifteen (15) days of discovery of the product for which the claim is being made. Product shall be set aside for seller’s inspection. Any claims shall be limited to seller’s invoice price. Seller shall not be liable for consequential damages.