Rite-Way’s line of bag closing heat sealing systems offer the highest quality closures on the market with multiple varieties to choose from.


Rotary Hot Air Sealers

The Supersealer SS1 / SS2 Hot Air Bag Sealer by OK Sealer utilizes hot air to continuously seal a wide range of bag materials at high speed and efficiency. The advanced airflow, sophisticated controls, and rugged painted or stainless construction ensures continuous operation and performance for all applications.

  • Left to right (SS1) or right to left (SS2) designs available.
  • Motorized stainless steel pedestal on base with castors allows for height adjustments with a touch of a button.
  • All bag sizes
  • Seals up to 40 mil thickness.
  • Speeds up 36.5 m/min
  • 110 or 220 VAC, 1 PH power
  • No compressed air connection required on standard configuration.
  • Low maintenance design.
  • Consistent sealing temperature.


  • Bag top trimmers and trim removers;
  • Various Conveyors to meet all application requirements;
  • Motorized aluminum conveyor lift;
  • Emboss or ink roll coders mounted at bag exit;
  • Medical grade sealer;
  • Bag fillers and loaders;
  • Wash down and gas flush for corrosive environments
  • Dusty environment package (compressed air required);

Polywoven Bag Top-Fold Hot Air Sealers

The Miller Weldmaster PS150 is designed specifically for closing single fold bags with speed and precision. It seals polywoven, thermoplastic or paper bags and can be easily integrated into new or existing bagging lines. The machine is portable, requires a single operator and the bag material can be changed quickly and easily.


  • High production speeds up to 30m/min;
  • Precise alignment;
  • Seals multiple bag materials;
  • Digitally controlled;
  • Recipe management system (stores specifications for easy recall);
  • Professional installation and training;
  • No glues, adhesives or hot melt required on bags.

Band Sealers

We supply heavy-duty PackRite Band Sealers for our clients using polyethylene and high barrier (mono or composite) plastic films and bags. These user-friendly, low maintenance automatic heat sealers have a reputation for durability and performance. The machines are customizable and versatile to allow for a variety of packaging materials and applications.


  • Compliant with all packaging regulations for food, agriculture and military applications;
  • Variable speeds up to 19m/min;
  • Seals up to 24 mil combined film thickness (6 mil thick bag with gussets, or a 12 mil thick bag without gussets);
  • Allows for a variety of packaging materials, different sealing impressions and seal widths.
  • Tilt-away drive system allows the user to quickly change the bag size/type without tools.
  • Non-stick coated, fabric bands;
  • 115V (standard); 230 V (optional); 1 PH power supply.


BandRite 6000:

  • For food, pet food, consumer products and military applications
  • 0.375 and 0.75 in. seal widths

FreshRite 6000:

  • Food grade applications including fresh poultry