Rite-Way is constantly researching new and innovative packaging equipment. We regularly add new machines to our lineup, and we love it when customers request a unique piece of equipment.

Here is a list of some miscellaneous packaging and bulk material handling equipment that we’ve sourced over the years.

  • Bulk (Tote) bag hangers and weighing equipment
  • Used bag compactors (Recycling Balers)
  • Pallet positioners
  • Impulse Sealers
  • Jaw Sealers

Please contact Rite-Way to find out more information on these machines, and more quality packaging equipment that your business needs.

PackRite Automatic Jaw Sealer

The Automatic Jaw Sealer by is able to process both single packages and up to 30 items per minute with the same reliable seal. Providing either continuous-feed or intermittent stop/start sealing via foot pedal, this compact unit guarantees uniformity via automatic dwell time and pressure control for safe, consistent, and long-lasting seals.

Features and Performance Specifications

  • Space saving and ergonomic design
  • Flexible control with both foot pedal and automatic operation
  • Accommodates a variety of films up to 6 mil in thickness
  • 1” seal width
  • Option embossed code dating bars
  • 30 bags/minute (auto), 15 bags/minute (manual)

Bishamon EZ X Loader

The EZ X Loader is Bishamon’s new economy automatic pallet positioner. The self leveling design automatically keeps the top of your working load at a convenient height, and its enhanced safety features eliminated reaching and stretching. The EZ X Loader uses a captive pneumatic system rather than cumbersome mechanical springs, so there is no need for a constant air supply.

Harmony Vertical Recycling Balers

Harmony Enterprises has been the innovative leader in the waste handling and recycling industry for nearly half a century. Harmony balers, distributed by Rite-Way, are known for their durability, reliability and heavy-duty construction. Recycling balers and compactors made by Harmony are capable of reducing your waste and recyclables to compact, manageable units which can then be monetized. The range of materials which these compactors and balers can process include aluminum, cardboard, plastic, paper, non-ferrous metals, textiles, tires and liquids. Rite-Way encourages our customers to use vertical balers for compressing used industrial bags before sending them to a recycler.

Harmony M30HD Vertical Baler

This compact 30” heavy duty baler by Harmony has a reduction capacity equal to that of many larger machines on the market and is equipped with features found only on more expensive vertical balers. The unique combination of having a high capacity hydraulic system with a bale ejection system in a compact design places the M30HD at the front of the pack.

Features and Specifications

  • All-in-one design to compact a variety of waste materials from plastic to steel, aluminum, Styrofoam and paper
  • Fail safe hydraulics
  • 24”x30” x up to 30” bale sizes
  • 41,350 lbs ram force
  • Two stage pump
  • Works with tying wire or polyethylene twine
  • Hydraulic bale ejection
  • Compact 23 ft2 required operating area

Accumulating Tables

The PackRite Rotary Accumulating Table collects the overflow from a packaging production line to keep your operation running smoothly. It rotates three complete turns per minute, and allows personnel the necessary “time out” for packing without stopping the production. The Rotary Accumulating Table’s stable, continuous rotation is ideal for collecting bags, cartons, boxes, tubes, and other packing materials. The height is adjustable, so it fits right in with other packaging production line equipment.