Packaging is an essential piece of the puzzle and does more than you think.

Packaging is an essential piece of the puzzle and does more than you think. Your packaging is your product’s identity. From colour to material, the planning and designing of the packaging is an important step in the creation process. Not only does your packaging have to be functional but it also needs to be attractive. No matter your product, who your customers are, or your brand’s identity, all good packaging shares four essential elements:

  1. Identifies the product
  2. Adds value
  3. Keeps product safe
  4. Leaves a lasting impression

Identifies the Product

Your product may be competing with a number of other brands out there. One way to make your product stand out is to make your packaging stand out. How a product is packaged attracts the consumer to take a look at your product. For this reason, there has been multiple research studies on how colour schemes, designs and types of product packaging appeal to the intended consumer. Not only is there a science behind your packaging but the shape of your packaging, colours and material are also another way to customize your packaging and make it stand out from competitors.

Adds Value

When thinking about adding value to your product through its packaging it’s important to ask yourself: What makes my product special? We have already noted that you need to have your product stand out from competitors by using unique colours and branding, but how can you packaging further that individuality? Package design should add value to your product by making your customer’s experience easier and memorable. A good example of adding value to your product through its packaging is ketchup bottles; before our easy squeeze spouts you used to have to battle with the bottle just to get a small amount of ketchup out. Adding value can be as easy as adding resealable pouch closures or easily recycled packaging.

Keeps Product Safe

It is important that you packaging looks nice and leaves your customer with a memorable experience. Just as importantly, your packaging should also keep keep your product safe while it’s in transit. Not only does packaging keep your product safe but it also saves you money by ensuring you do not have to ship replacements if the original is damaged. Good quality packaging also protects your customers as it ensures that your product arrives in the condition they expect, untampered with and safe to use or consume.

Leaves a Lasting Impression

Can you think about how you reacted and felt when you received a beautifully wrapped gift? How you package and present your product leaves a lasting impression of your customers. Not all products can be wrapped in elegant tissue paper but that doesn’t mean your packaging can’t leave a lasting impression. By putting in a little more effort to select and customize your packaging for your brand’s needs, you can increase the demand and worth of your product. For instance, if you’re a brand that cares about the environment, making all your packaging 100% recyclable is one way to make a lasting impression on your customers. Or perhaps your company makes dog food, having resealable and sturdy packaging is a must and will leave your customers happy that no naughty dogs got into their stash.