Give your industrial bags a finished look by applying a sewing tape in your bag closing procedure. We stock bleach and natural kraft crepe tape as well as white woven polypropylene (WPP) tape for closing paper and BOPP laminated industrial bags.

Crepe Tape

Crepe has a soft, natural, textured feel and look to it.

Industrial Crepe has high elasticity, folds well without tearing, is extensible, soft and pliable. Industrial Crepe can be produced in a wide array of custom or stock colours like

  • pink,
  • red,
  • yellow,
  • blue,
  • natural,
  • white,
  • black, etc.

WPP Tape is available in

  • white,
  • black,
  • red,
  • blue and
  • yellow.

Rolls of Industrial Crepe are available. Our crepe tape is made with recycled fibres and renewable natural resources. WPP tape is also 100% recyclable.