No matter what's inside, reliability is always in the bag. We’re committed to discovering and refining innovative thread options that offer greater value to you than any other technology.

Use our specialty sewing threads to close your industrial bags.

Sewn bag packaging is cost effective and reliable.

We carry four main product types.

  1. Polyester bonded sling thread for flat web and web slings
  2. Industrial bag sewing thread
  3. Geotextile thread
  4. Sewing threads for fabrics and tarps

We stock all common thread spool sizes of industrial strength 12/4 Polyester sewing twine including

  • 20 lb,
  • 5 lb and
  • 8 oz. cones.

Bag closing thread is widely used to make

  • woven bags,
  • paper bags,
  • sacks,
  • composite bags for seams.