The construction of this bag type is similar to its paper / polywoven laminated predecessor; however, the paper is replaced by BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) film.

Since the inner and outer substrates are both polypropylene this bag is easily recycled (as indicated by the number 5 recycling code). BOPP film has certain advantages for industrial packaging applications due to its high tensile strength, low weight and water resistant characteristics. The film is also an excellent print medium which lends itself to high definition graphics typically applied through a rotogravure print process.


  • 100% recyclable
  • high definition graphics
  • water resistant
  • high strength/low weight


  • matte or gloss finish
  • high coefficient or friction film
  • thermal and extrusion welded back seams
  • thermal weld heat seal or sewn closures
  • clean windows
  • die-cut handles
  • micro-perfections
  • spot varnish

Innovative factory and end-user applied closures are possible with this material such as pasted (hot-melt) and thermo-welded closures in addition to the more traditional Easy-Open and sewn closures. The folded and welded closures add a premium look and make the overall package practically air tight. High CoF (coefficient of friction) film reduces the sliding potential of these bags when they are palletized, so they can be easily incorporated into automated packaging systems. Refer to our styles and features guide for more information on this popular product.

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