Composite plastic films have quickly become a popular commercial packaging material in the pet care and confectionary sectors and can be seen on store shelves containing products such as sugar, coffee and pet treats.

The structure of these bags can be tailored to suit the product being packaged and are typically recommended for products requiring a high grease or gas barrier. They are made by laminating several layers of plastic and/or metalized films together before converting the composite material into a bag or pouch, which requires a heat seal. Composite plastic films are an excellent print medium, and the wide array of styles are prone to being displayed for commercial appeal.


  • stand-up pouches
  • gusseted flat bottom pouches
  • gusseted open mouth bags
  • and many more

Likewise this material type allows for the inclusion of attractive features, such as:

  • tin ties,
  • de-gassing valves,
  • resealable zippers and velcro closures,
  • and many more

Refer to our styles and features guide for more information on this popular product.

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