The paper / polywoven laminated bag emerged in the mid 90’s and offers some advantages to our industrial and agricultural clients over the traditional multi-wall paper bags.

Typically, these bags are used to package animal feed, seed, feed ingredients and dry chemicals. The construction includes a polypropylene woven fabric (polywoven) on the inside of the bag which is laminated to a single ply of either bleach or natural kraft paper.


  • 30-50% less weight and bulk than multi-wall paper bags with equivalent strength
  • Stiffer than BOPP / polywoven laminated bags
  • Superior anti-skid characteristics
  • Easy-open sewn closure

These bags may include pinholes for ventilation, die-cut handles, clay-coated paper, clear windows in the gussets and can be finished with anti skid, top varnish, UV varnish or PE top lamination in gloss or matte finish.

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