Rite-Way offers case erecting, packing and sealing equipment manufactured by A-B-C Packing Machine Corporation. These machines are designed for simplicity and reliability; they are preferred by packagers for their ability to run less than perfect corrugated.

Low maintenance operation and long machine life are assured with A-B-C’s use of mechanical case drives and heavy tubular steel frames.

Case Erectors

A-B-C case erectors are suitable for a wide range of applications with speeds of 10 to 50 cases per minute. The A-B-C 400 series of case erectors offer advanced features, high speed and proven reliability. The model 400 is the best-selling model produced by A-B-C.

Model 400 Case Erector Features and Highlights:

  • Erect and adhesive seal at speeds from 10 to 30 cases per minute
  • Low level magazine for safe and easy loading
  • Unique compression mandrel
  • 5 minute changeover
  • Intelligent machine control with touchscreen control center; simply choose the case size and speed
  • Dual top and bottom vacuum grippers that over-open cases ensurint proper opening of cases with poor manufacturer’s joints
  • Comprehensive fault detection features

Case Packers

The A-B-C case packers offered by Rite-Way are designed to provide gentle handling to protect your package integrity. The A-B-C carton and tray packers feature stainless steel accumulation chambers to guard package graphics, and no-drop bottle packers that prevent label damage. Combined with quality features for secure sealing, de-casing, or pick and place packing, the A-B-C case packer lineup is ideal for conveying your bottles, cans, jars, cartons and many more types of containers to retail and distribution centres.

A-B-C produces several types of case packers to suit your needs, but the Model 101 Pick and Place Case Packer is one of the most versatile and robust machines on the market.

Model 101 Pick and Place Case Packer.

Features and Highlights

  • Gentle, no-drop packing of all container styles
  • Smooth robotic packing action ensures bottle/container stability
  • Built from top quality parts and materials for dependable, long term operation and industry-leading performance
  • Packs glass, plastic, cans or cartons
  • PLC control and color touchscreen panel for all machine functions
  • Variety of container handling options: pneumatic, vacuum or mechanical grippers


For glass or plastic containers, cans, or cartons, choose the Model 101, a pick and place case packer that provides smooth and gentle product handling to maintain optimum package integrity.

Case Sealer – Model 436


  • 10’ long
  • pacer-belt case transfer
  • automatically feeds and spaces
  • rotary tucker

The A-B-C case sealers offered by Rite-Way are designed and built to last with over 73 years of experience, these machines deliver on quality and performance. A-B-C sets the industry standard for case packaging.

A-B-C manufactures several types of case sealers including:

  • Hot melt adhesive top sealers,
  • Tape adhesive top sealers,
  • Hot melt adhesive top and bottom sealers,
  • Tape adhesive top and bottom sealers, and
  • Tape or Hot melt adhesive Tablock slitter/sealers.

The Model 436 High Speed Adhesive Case Sealer is one A-B-C’s top selling case sealers. It is rich in features and provides reliable top case sealing at speeds up to 75 cases/minute. The Model 436 is built for continuous, long term operation with 1-1/4” steel drive shafts, and it’s compact design allows for easy integration with existing operations.

High Performance Features of the Model 436 Case Sealer include:

  • Automatic case feed
  • Automatic minor flap closing
  • Contoured cast aluminum flap folders
  • Top quality hot melt adhesive applicator/ tape applicator
  • NO-CRUSH flexible compression rollers that compress case flaps securely to provide square, well-sealed cases
  • Gull-wing style high visibility doors that stop production when opened
  • Seal with hot melt or tape interchangeably
  • Rapid-adjust cranks for case changes
  • Maintenance-free sealed bearings
  • Self-lubricated pneumatic tucker