Rite-Way offers premade pouch packaging equipment by ALLIEDFLEX®, manufactured in the U.S.A. to the highest quality construction standards and incorporating the latest automation and control technology, typically only available in large scale, high cost machinery.

Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine for Dry Products: FLX Machinery

The FLX equipment line is ideally suited for startups, pilot plants and packaging labs due to its low cost, small footprint and low speed configurations.

FLX Alpha Standup Pouch Packager

The FLX equipment series has been developed to offer an automated solution for the packaging of standup Pouches and other popular pre-made pouch and bag styles. The FLX Alpha packager answers the growing need and demand for a “lower output solution” while maintaining a high level of reliability and performance. The FLX Alpha packager is a complete pouch packaging solution in a compact and affordable system.

Equipment Features and Performance:

  • Compact, Economical and Simple to Operate;
  • Corrosion Resistant Washdown IP65 Standard;
  • UL Approved NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Cabinet with Integral Operator Interface;
  • Allen Bradley PLC, Allen Bradley Electrical Components 12” Color Allen-
  • Bradley Panelview Touchscreen;
    • HMI Operator Interface with Production Features;
    • Can now be used to fill Quad seal Pouches and can accommodate either a linear scale or auger filler depending upon the product application.
    • The FLX Alpha fills 10 – 12 pouches per minute depending upon fill volume and package size.
    • The product settling feature helps to settle the product and flattens the bottom of the pouch.
    • A pouch stack feeder or infeed conveyor option is available for increased automation and productivity.
    • Numerous options available including ultrasonic sealing, gas flush, ink jet printer, remote control station, bottom up fill, dust extraction, static elimination, metal detection, and much more.

Patentented SnackPak Packaging

ALLIEDFLEX® has added a fantastic new option to its popular FLX Alpha filler. It has developed a unique, simple and low cost automation solution that reliably packages the E-Z SnackPak from ProAmPac and distributed by Rite-Way Packaging.

The E-Z SnackPak is produced from a special patented flat laminated pouch design, it’s an innovative and unique addition to the single and multi-serve snack market. It’s unique in the easy way that it’s opened and the convenient serving tray that’s produced at the same time. The E-Z SnackPak is perfect for many types of snacks, and on-the go foods, it’s easy to open, light weight and uses less material than a traditional single serve snack package.

  • The FLX Alpha fills and seals 8 E-Z SnackPaks per minute
  • Top loading filler for continuous operation
  • Fills and seals in one operation
  • Compact, economical and simple to use

The ALLIEDFLEX® FLX Alpha can also been configured with an ALL-FILL Auger Filling System. The ALL-FILL Auger filler is reliable, built to last and accommodates a multitude of different powders and granules across many different industries. The All-Fill Auger filler dispenses a specific, verified, volumetric quantity of product.

Dust Control

Dust is a major challenge when packaging a many types of dry powders and granules. ALLIEDFLEX® and ALL-Fill have addressed this issue with a new integrated dust extraction manifold interface which hooks up to a customer’s existing plant dust collection system.

Tridyne Process Systems

Tridyne Process Systems are ideal for packaging a variety of free-flowing, dry products such as coffee, pet food, human food, hardware, vitamins, and much more. Tridyne systems are uniquely expandable, so packagers can add automation equipment as demand increases.

Tridyne F Series Filling Systems

The Tridyne F Series filling systems are customisable assemblies featuring vibratory feeders that can be operated manually or automatically. With a range of sizes and features for packaging into bags, pouches, jars, bins, boxes and various other containers from up to 20 lbs, the F series provides reliable and accurate weighing and filling for regular or irregular particle sized products.

F-Series Typical Specifications

  • Capacities up to 5 lbs on smaller units and from 5 lbs to 20 lbs on larger systems
  • Speeds up to 20 dumps per minute
  • Requires power and compressed air
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Accuracy of 0.5% of system capacity
  • LDC display with integral touch screen

BPI Equipment

BPI Packaging Equipment design and manufacture customizable filling systems for small pouches and various other small containers such as jars or viles. Their pre-made pouch filling bagger and conveyors are ideal for handling various products from fruit/nuts, candy, chips, powders and much more.

The multi-head weighers produced by BPI feature a number of technical advantages including:

  • 304 stainless steel construction,
  • Automatic frequency vibration control,
  • Small footprint and low height requirements,
  • High accuracy and speeds,
  • User friendly HMI color touch screen,
  • Live display of amplitude and weight readings,
  • Self-diagnostics alerts,
  • Electric photo eye film registration,
  • Central load cell replaced traditional photocell,
  • Multiple dumps for bulk weighing,
  • Stagger dump for large unit applications,
  • Off the shelf components on most wear parts,
  • And many more.

The BPI filling and handling equipment can be customized with a huge array of options to suit your production including the following.

  • Ethernet remote diagnostics
  • Dimpled contact surfaces
  • Powder flow control head
  • Integrated vibratory infeeder
  • Mezzanine,
  • Gas Flush assembly,
  • Hot stamp or thermo transfer printer,
  • Adjustable pack-off systems with variable speed control,
  • Customizable enclosed bucket conveyors with variable speed control,
  • and much more.